Performance coaching is for all people who have an objective they need to “perform” or a result to deliver. This coaching may be for artists, athletes, speakers or anyone who needs to pass an exam or important interview, for example. The goal is to be your best on the big day.

This coaching includes various aspects depending on your requirements:

  • Verifying that the goals correspond to your expectations and are adapted to your needs

  • Optimizing your existing abilities

  • Developing new capabilities

  • Keeping a balance between your ambition to succeed and your self-respect

  • Managing the fear of failure or success

  • Managing stress and anxiety just before the performance

  • Coping with the result, whatever it may be

  • Learning from failure

Performance coaching can comprise various complementary measures:

  • Individual sessions at the clinic

  • Sessions in the field during rehearsals or practice or just before the performance at the actual venue (theater, swimming pool, conference room…)