“Whatever his degree, no person ever sees the tip of his own skull; to see it clearly, there will always be a time when he needs another person’s help.”

Fula saying 


As a physiotherapist, I concentrate on the symptoms following an accident or acute/chronic illness. The goal is to restore your physical functions and also to improve your quality of life. (...)

Bodymind therapy

My approach to bodymind therapy combines various sources of knowledge and inspiration. The goal is to allow you to (...)

Performance coaching

Performance coaching is for all people who have an objective they need to “perform” or a result to deliver. This coaching may be for artists, athletes, speakers or anyone who needs to pass an exam or important interview, for example. (...)

Group activities

These activities involve groups of 5 to 15 people. However regular (weekly, monthly or occasional) or long (one hour, one day, one weekend or even as an in-house training of 3 to 5 days) we always share, exchange and enrich each other around a common subject. (..)